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D Young V ‘ Slow Jams’

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D Young V ‘ Slow Jams’ Installation and solo exhibition of new work Micron 08 pen on Strathmore Bristol paper, 19 x 24 in. Thursday, September, 1st 6-10pm the loin…

SLOW JAMS: An interview with DYoungV

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Recently the loin had an opportunity to catch up with DYoungV about his upcoming show. THE LOIN: What’s behind the title of your upcoming show, ‘SLOW JAMS’? DYoungV: It’s my sarcastic…

Natural Oddities Featuring Megan Lees, Liane Carter, Ashlyn Grantham

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Natural Oddities A trio exhibition featuring work by Megan Lees, Liane Carter, and Ashlyn Grantham. Come one, come all for a rare glimpse into a realm of arcane realities, winsome…

1/2 Dozen Heads Group Opening and Live Art Show

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Art opening and live art exhibition featuring: Arf, Kenya Scott, Breath From Above, El Maldido, Edo Escobedo, Emeral Jade Emeral Jade: “Recreating the world as I see it…blooming unexpected, unpredictable…