1/2 Dozen Heads Group Opening and Live Art Show – the loin

1/2 Dozen Heads Group Opening and Live Art Show

By July 7, 2016 August 13th, 2016 No Comments

Art opening and live art exhibition featuring: Arf, Kenya Scott, Breath From Above, El Maldido, Edo Escobedo, Emeral Jade

Emeral Jade:
“Recreating the world as I see it…blooming unexpected, unpredictable color and variation brought to consistency with intricate replications that solidify the color and flow.”

Instagram: Emeraljaded

Leslie Doom:
“Grime and lines. Always pure, never cut.”


Kenya Scott:
“Kenya is a big goofball who wants to change the world. He loves cartoons, comic books and graffiti and it’s reflected in his style. Making art keeps him sane. See also: burritos and sex.”

Edo Escobedo:
“Conceptually driven mix media massacre”


El Maldito:
“A multi-medium artist currently residing in Oakland, Ca. Originally from Southern California’s desert area, El Maldito brings a series of illustrated characters titled: “Quates”(Twins) that express the inner calamity of two Mestizo(Mixed) twins of European and Indigenous identities. For more art by EL MALDITO visit facebook.com/juegomalditoria

“Scratching primal urges while still trying to maintain humanity, a dog frantically chasing it’s own tail only to bite itself in the ass.”

Instagram: bark_like_a_dawg

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