About Us

Born in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, the loin is not only a brand, but also a screen print shop. The shop uses the most earth-friendly materials and methods available. The two-man operation offers high-quality, custom handprinted goods such as t-shirts, posters, and messenger bags. the loin collaborates with local artists and combines skill and concept to create original pieces. Each print is pushed to order and there are no boundaries – anything with a flat surface can be printed on. Hidden away in a neighborhood basement, the loin delivers long-lasting, eco-friendly printing at a fair price.

Inspired by the underbelly of their Tenderloin surroundings, the loin infuses art, culture, and experimentation into their work. They are artists, mavericks, and when they are not working, they can be seen mashing around self-propelled style all over San Francisco. Their work consists of clean lines, bright colors, compelling artist collaborations, lots of hard work and attention to detail. the loin’s services are created with this in mind, and most of their work can be found in local boutiques and galleries.

the loin also has a series of skateboard decks and its own signature line of clothing aimed at instilling neighborhood pride; this special collection is a reflection of its surroundings and the loin’s devotion to their Tenderloin roots.