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the loin is pleased to present

Friends: A Poor Won Jive Group Show And Zine Release Party

 Alright you Jive Turkeys, it is OFFICIAL! Poor Won Jive is excited to be doing a Group Show at The Loin’s new spot for their grand reopening (9/04). Featuring artwork by friends and contributors to the magazine, both local and otherwise, Friends will include work ranging from paintings, photography, and sculpture to drawings that will make you laugh, piss you off, or just make you say, “Hot Damn!” Like the title suggests, it is a collection of buddies, characters, and cool cats who have come together for a good time and night of debauchery.

But hold onto your tiny little hats, because it will also be the zine release party for Issue #3 of PWJ! Hot off the presses, and in a limited numbered batch, these bad boys will also be for sale at the gallery for $3.

There will be good music, great beer, and better people to go along with some rad (and affordable) artwork. So tell your friends, family, roommates, coworkers, dealers, main-squeezes, and everyone else. Then have a couple drinks and meet us there.

the loin @ 914 Larkin St. (6-10pm)


DYV off to China

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SAN FRANCISCO — I walked by the old Heist Gallery on Geary recently, which has been defunct for some time yet still carries the banner proudly above its doorway, to suddenly see it filled up with new work by D Young V.  One can imagine my confusion and sudden optimism.  I had spoken with him sometime before about how he was taking a break from art in the Bay and was kind of tired of it. So to see these epic new pieces I was, well, stoked.  I called him immediately and soon heard him say “Yeah man, I am using Heist as a studio and I am flying to Hong Kong in September.  I just need to see something new and get out of here for a while!”

Words: John Felix Arnold III

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Juxtapoz Magazine – New Collages from John Vochatzer

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Got some props on our current show with John Vochatzer. A must see, come check it out before it comes down. Open today, tomorrow and Sunday for viewing. http://www.juxtapoz.com/illustration/new-collages-from-john-vochatzer

“Currently showing in the Tenderloin in San Francisco at The Loin, artist John Vochatzer has created an incredible new series of collages. To start, John has found a way to seamlessly combine the airbrushed faces found in Vanity Fair Magazine with numerous layers of reptile eyes. In other pieces, John has re-created scenes straight out of a prehistoric history book…if Dr. Frankenstein had gotten his hands on them. John has an eye for the weird and the beautiful. Enjoy.” -www.juxtapoz.com